Finances: 2015 income (monetary donations) totaled $400 and expenses totaled $1052.47, mostly for events and plantings in the park. Treasurer requested help for future decisions regarding petty cash expenditures (up to $150). Several volunteered for a task force to explore possibilities for fundraising.
Crime: BPD’s crime report noted many of the incidents were likely preventable. Remember to lock home and car doors, have packages delivered to safe location, and never leave valuables in car. Learn more at safety meeting – last Monday of the month, 6 pm, District 4.
Comet Place: BPW has added Comet Place to the street sweeping list. Also, BTD has indicated a willingness to install one-way signs.
Truck Traffic: BTD indicates Northampton St is a designated truck route. We’ve asked “where is it written” so that we can consider rerouting truck traffic from Northampton St. We’ll also look at deterrents for engine-braking by trucks on Mass Ave.
Election: Officers for 2016 are President, Carol Blair; Vice-president, Bud Larievy; Secretary, Miren Urrutia; Treasurer, Sara Mitchell; Michael Rodriguez, asst secretary.
Nearby Development: Hamilton Company has increased the number of “affordable units” in their proposal to build 45 units on Frederick Douglas Green (150 Camden, currently zoned for 9 units). NU has proposed a 20-story dorm between Tremont & Columbus (10 Burke St, where 2013 master plan shows 6-8 stories).
Proposed garage: on Northampton St, behind 561 Mass Ave – discussion included concerns included about height of wall, size and color of garage door, and whether recent construction leading to existing conditions was approved by Landmarks Commission.
Alexandra Hotel: We’ll work with interested parties to assemble a vision for restoration/renovation and reuse and invite buyer to collaborate for planning and approvals. A boutique hotel or condos? A roof-top restaurant?
Next Meeting: February 3
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