7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

Reports from Sept 9 Block Party (photos on facebook.com/ChesterSquareANA)
Next event?
•    Alley & back-streets clean-up?
•    pot-luck with Hampton House?
•    Neighborhood night at one of our restaurants?
Chester Park friends group
Alexandra – Eric Hoagland
•    Homelessness/Recovery Working Group Oct 10 @ 4pm
•    Bike Share Expansion – Hubway workshop Oct 25
•    Logan noise 24/7 call 617-561-3333
Next CSANA Meeting: Wednesday Nov 1
•    Please reply or comment with any questions or concerns


Chester Square Small Door Hanger_Fall-01

                                                  7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St
Homelessness/Recovery Working Group
Design team early findings – Patricia
Proposed Good Neighbor Policy – Andy Brand, Worcester Square NA
Planning for Chester Square Area – Michelle & Patricia
Chester Festival – Nick & Patricia
close carriageway Sept 9 or 10
What can you volunteer?
food, music, games, dreams for neighborhood?
Safety, including July shooting at 521 Mass Ave -Boston Police
Tremont St pedestrian safety
Shawmut Ave STOP compliance
Northampton St trucks and traffic
Rodents, alleys & sewers – July 26 walk w/ New Urban Mechanics
Alexandra Hotel
CSANA Facebook page
Next CSANA Meeting: Wednesday Sept 6

7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

Planning for Chester Square Area


Tremont St Working Group (Parking, Pedestrian Safety)
Shawmut Ave STOP compliance
NH traffic study
Homelessness/Recovery Working Group
Mass Ave Design Group
Low Barrier Day Space
Safe injection Site
Rodent activity – trash, antique sewers
Proposed 223 Northampton St

Next event(s)? Lots of interest – Need a leader

Next CSANA Meeting: Wednesday Aug 2

(due to holiday)

May 6 Clean-up & Door-hanger success

Long-term planning for neighborhood – Michelle will bring drawing to show various ideas for community input.

Next event(s)
stoop parties, street festival (yard sale, street art, close carriageway, …)

Rodent activity


Saturday May 6, 2017

Kudos to the stalwarts who worked through the rain yesterday! Our Love-your-block team gathered trash and weeded and mulched in Chester Park and round the blocks. Bud was there to get us started. Jake and Meredith were first to get into it. Rudy and Jim fetched us brooms, rakes and shovels. Alice captained the gardens on the odd-numbered side. Josh worked the even-numbered side with David, Danny, Damon and Frank. Michelle worked with Springfield gardeners. Will, Clancy, Eldean and Corbin brought family energy to the team. Elyssa and others cleared trouble from the raised beds. Sam brought us tee-shirts and encouragement. Laura cheered us on. Sara led the wrap-up and returned the tools. Carol was totally proud.

Meet at 7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St

Need assistant treasurer who can fill in for three months

May 6 Spring Clean-up 9 am – also hazardous waste disposal at Frontage Rd (see boston.gov)

Plan for Chester Park

–        Possibilities for unifying two parts

–        trade-offs between green space, 6 travel lanes, 6 parking lanes, wide median and 8 sidewalks

–        visioning for long term

Flower Market/Exchange So End, (Abbey Group invited, not yet confirmed)

Next CSANA Meeting: Wednesday Jun 7

7 pm @ Hampton House, 155 Northampton St


  • Minutes of March meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Police Report
  • Addiction, Homelessness Recovery working group – public meeting April 25

Spring Clean-up – Saturday May 6

Tag to hang on every door – Patricia

Flower Market (Abbey Group)

Next CSANA Meeting: Wednesday May 3


CSANA meets on the first Wednesday of every month.